Runaway Teen Challenge #1 – Meet Lilah

Welcome to The Sims 4 Runaway Teen Challenge! This is not the first challenge I’ve started on The Sims 4, but it is the one I have the most screenshots of. This blog was sort of an afterthought, so… yea. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to leave feedback and suggestions in the comments.

In order to set up the Runaway Teen Challenge on The Sims 4, I had to follow the procedure listed by Rainy Dayz Gamez here.

Basically, you can move the teen into a lot with a guardian and then kill off the guardian to get your teen alone. That’s when the challenge begins. In order to get a 10×10 lot, I placed numerous trees blocking the excess area off before setting my teen’s money to zero.

I should mention that my teen’s name is Lilah Groves. I did this without realizing that Rainy Dayz Gamez used a teen named Lyla. Hah! It’s all good, though. I’m sure she won’t mind.

Lilah Groves - Runaway Teen Challenge

Lilah Groves – Runaway Teen Challenge

Lilah Groves. Lilah was born to a very loving mother and father. They had tried for many years to get pregnant, and were overjoyed to welcome their little miracle into the world. Days before Lilah’s first birthday, her parents left her with a babysitter to venture out to find the perfect gift for their little love. Unfortunately, when an 18-wheeler experienced an unfortunate tire incident, their car was just a little too close. Lilah had no other living relatives to live with, so she was placed with a guardian by the state.

Lilah’s guardian was not a bad woman, and Lilah was the only child in her home through her teen years. However, she never really felt at home. She never felt like she belonged, and the older she got, the more she convinced herself that she wasn’t wanted. Lilah made the rash decision to run away and live life on her own. The way her parents left her. This is where Lilah’s journey begins.

Lilah learning to fish.

Lilah learning to fish.

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