Rule the World # 1 – Cassira’s Introduction

So this is a Sim I’ve been playing since the game dropped, and haven’t been taking screenshots of. I figured I would add her story here, and continue on with screenshots from here on out.

To catch you up, Cassira Dominae is an evil, mean-spirited and self-assured Sim. She has reached the top of the Oracle Criminal career track, and lives alone. She has many enemies in the world, and very few friends. She is currently sleeping with two different Sims (one a girl, one a guy), but has no real desire to settle down with either of them. She’s been focused on herself for so long, she doesn’t feel she needs anyone else.

Here she is, before she reached the top of her career track:

Heading to work.

Heading to work.

I’ll get some more screenshots for you soon, and keep you posted on her progress. Basically, Cassira wants to rule the world. She wants the biggest house she can get, she wants the neighbors to tremble at the mention of her name. She wants to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants, regardless of what anyone else thinks about it. She is the queen of her own domain, and her domain will engulf all. (Or so she thinks).

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