Runaway Teen Challenge #2 – Starting Strong

Lilah has been working very hard, collecting from dig sites nearby, harvesting plants, starting her own very small garden, and fishing like crazy.

Lilah's first garden is looking promising.

Lilah’s first garden is looking promising.

After running around to nearby parks and hoping someone had made a plate of cheeseburgers in between the hard work of fishing and harvesting and digging (oh my!), Lilah was finally able to purchase a bed, toilet and fridge. Her garden is growing, as well. Note: Mr. Grim is still hanging around, but we’re friends now, so that’s comforting. (Grim was here to take Lilah’s guardian to start the challenge).

A great little campsite.

A great little campsite.

No shame:

None at all...

None at all…

Lilah is ready for the challenge ahead of her. She is confident in her abilities to provide for herself, and she is willing to do what she must to survive and start a new life. A life in which she controls the outcome, the destination, and the people around her.

Here is the lot she’s starting out on, btw:

The starting lot.

The starting lot.

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5 thoughts on “Runaway Teen Challenge #2 – Starting Strong

    1. Melissa Post author

      Haha! They were friends before he left. I just imagine him talking like a teenage girl in that deep voice of his. “Girl! You will NOT believe what that girl you used to go to school with did.”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. nevisdreamheaven

        Haha! Can you actually invite Grimmy over to hang out? I haven’t really seen him much in my game yet, just once really, and that death was accidental. Someone thought they could cook with no cooking skill, the consequence was a huge fire. xD


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