Runaway Teen Challenge #3 – Building a New Life

So it has occurred to me, I do not take nearly enough screenshots. Hah! I’ll attempt to remedy that in the future, however.

So Lilah has been working her tail off with that garden, and collecting, and fishing. She was finally able to build herself a small shack, and she couldn’t be more thrilled to have a roof over her head.

First Home


She was able to build a small room, buy a shower and a counter and a small children’s TV. These are humble beginnings, but she really feels like she’s accomplished so much. She’s proven to herself that she CAN do this, and this first huge step is so motivating for her.

Here’s the house from another angle:

Angle 2

And here’s the garden she’s been working so hard on:



It’s not pretty, and it’s not well-organized, but she’s learning. Just the fact that she’s made it this far has given her a boost she wasn’t sure she’d ever get. Her motivation to continue on has been propelled by her success.

Just a couple of long days later, Lilah was able to purchase a sink for her tiny new home. She sits on her bed, admiring all she has done and watching her adorable little penguin TV.



She’s been productive, she’s been diligent, and she’s been focused. There is a bright future in sight for this lonely teen. She will have whatever she decides she wants. She knows that now.

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