100 Baby Challenge #3 – Friends and a New Baby

After becoming pregnant with Jimmie Ashley’s child, some neighbors came by to welcome us to the neighborhood. They didn’t know our true nature, but they will… oh, they will…

02-07-16_2-03-51 PM

Your time will come, Travis…

After spending a little time with our new friends, it was time for Andrea to start working on her money-making skills. I bought a computer with the idea that she would do programming and writing to bring in money. Writing takes a while to become lucrative, but we had more than 4,000 simoleons at this point, so I figured there was time.

02-07-16_2-05-21 PM

“This tiny computer screen is killing me…”

But then, Travis, after leaving with all the other neighbors, decided he wanted to come back the next day to see Andrea alone. He’s got plans… Don’t worry, Travis, you’re on my list… And getting a head start with him was easy-peasy:

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Andrea was even a little sad when he left, but then she got right back on the skill-building… Okay… lets be real, she played The Sims.

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After a not-so-restful night’s sleep, Andrea, massaging her own sore back decided the first upgrade would be a new bed.

02-07-16_3-07-04 PM


A bit later, Andrea went into labor, and we followed her to the hospital to meet her new baby:

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It’s a girl!!!

02-07-16_3-23-38 PM

Jennie Ashley

So at this point, I decided to come up with a naming convention for the children. They will all inherit their father’s last names, and their first names will begin with the same letter as their father’s first name begins with. Seems like a great way to keep track of who is who when fathers start stopping by to see their kids. Since the father of this child is Jimmie Ashley, this baby girl is named Jennie Ashley.

So happy to have baby #1 brought into the world of many, many more. Stay tuned for part #4!

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