100 Baby Challenge #4 -No Time for Resting

Welcome to part 4 of the 100 Baby Challenge! We ended the last part with the birth of little Jennie. In that short time after having her first child and leaving the hospital, Andrea was already making plans for her second child, and turned her attention immediately to the doctor that delivered her daughter! Scandalous!!!

02-07-16_3-24-32 PM

“Hi! Wanna be my next baby’s daddy?!?”

As soon as the game forced us to go home, we called Dr. Clayton Becerra to come over. “Hey, Dr. Becerra. Thanks for delivering Jennie! Why don’t you come see how she’s doing?” Wink wink, nudge nudge.

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Clayton didn’t take long AT ALL! And he was married!!! He was like, “Yeah, I’m married, wait… you’re interested? Me too!” You’re scum, Dr. Becerra! But we still want to have your baby…

After they had their fun in bed, I sent Andrea to take a pregnancy test. While she was doing that, Clayton went to check on little Jennie and give her a little snuggle. Awwww…

02-07-16_3-38-09 PM

Rock-a-bye baby…

And the result of the previously mentioned pregnancy test?

02-07-16_3-39-37 PM


Yay! So we are pregnant again not even a full day after giving birth to our first child. No time to waste here, people. I’d say this day was pretty successful! And, since we’re bringing in a little bit of income from the books we’ve written (haven’t spent much time programming because writing is very time-consuming), we decided it was time to upgrade that old, uncomfortable bed. I also changed the color of the surrounding furniture to better match.

02-07-16_3-50-19 PM

Let’s end this part with a bonus shot of our gorgeous little Jennie:

02-07-16_3-41-59 PM

Jennie below her birth certificate

By the way, I learned something new during this part. If you follow your sim to the hospital to have the baby, they get a birth certificate. They don’t get one if you send them alone, or if you click on a crib to have a baby at home. I know this from previous play. Thought that was pretty neat. 🙂 Stay tuned for part 5!

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