100 Baby Challenge #5 – Get the Ball Rolling

Okay, so the plan for today is to have the baby we’re currently pregnant with and immediately become pregnant again. Andrea started her VERY early morning off caring for Jennie.

02-07-16_4-05-06 PM

Beautiful baby girl

It seems as though the town around her is already beginning to talk about this mysterious woman who’s just moved in and already working on baby #2 from two separate fathers. A few interested parties have been gathering out back trying to catch a glimpse.

02-07-16_4-05-25 PM

Wait your turn, boys…

Once morning officially broke, our old friend Travis stopped by to check on Andrea. He’s so thoughtful.

02-07-16_4-09-58 PM

Ooohhhhh… my back….

Andrea and Travis spent some time hanging out, but then Andrea had to spend some much needed time on herself. Her needs have taken a backseat to little Jennie. Gotta keep this momma happy. Before she knew it, Jennie was aging up into a child. Below you can see a couple of photos of how she originally aged up, and what she looked like after a makeover. Any custom content used on her will be added to the “Mods I Use” section in the top navigation bar.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After buying Jennie a proper child’s bed, I decided to take an updated photo of the house:

02-07-16_4-21-57 PM

By the way, I put Jennie’s birth certificate into her inventory. They don’t list the actual kids names on them, so I wanted her to have it. We’ll leave the crib there for the next kid on his or her way.

Jennie decided to get a head start on her new homework for school, and while doing so, her father, Jimmie, came for a visit. He helped her with her homework and they spent some time bonding afterwards. How sweet!

02-07-16_4-23-40 PM

A + B = C

Later the following evening, Andrea went into labor and decided to have this child at home:

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It’s a boy!!! I would like to officially introduce baby #2, son of Dr. Clayton Becerra. Following the naming convention previously decided upon, I’ve named him Christopher Becerra.

02-07-16_4-29-20 PM

So cute…

Well, we got a lot done in this part. Jennie aged up into a beautiful child, and Christopher was born into the world! I can’t wait to see how all the kids look going forward. Excited!!! Stay tuned for part 6, coming soon!!!

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