100 Baby Challenge #6 -Third Baby on the Way

So right after we ended the last part, Travis showed up again for… moral support, I suppose. Andrea was in need of a new pregnancy, and he was there and already sweethearts with her, so we didn’t waste any time getting them in bed together, and after one try, Andrea was pregnant with her third! See, Travis? I told you your time would come!

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At this point, I realized we’d need a way to keep the kids out of the room when she was making babies, so they all get sent to the large child’s area and the door gets locked for everyone but Andrea. Jennie didn’t seem to mind, though:

02-08-16_3-54-19 PM

Speaking of Jennie, how friggin’ cute is she?!? I just adore her. Maybe it’s because she’s the first, but she’s definitely going to be my fav for awhile.

02-08-16_3-55-47 PM

Off to school…

There is a lot of time to kill when you’re starting this challenge out, so Andrea has been spending every free moment writing and publishing books. It takes awhile, but eventually we’ll bring in enough money to get by, and Jennie is creative, so when she’s a teen, she’ll doing some painting for us.

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After school, Jennie’s father stopped by to spend some time with her and helped her with her homework:

And before she’d even finished, Christopher aged up! Here he is before and after his makeover:

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So here is an updated view of our current family members:

Yay! We are well on our way! To end this part, here is an updated view of the house:

02-08-16_4-32-46 PM

I’m having a lot of fun with this challenge, so stay tuned for part 7!

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