Legacy Challenge #1 – Meet Eldiron

Allow me to introduce you to Eldiron Jaharna. He is not from this world, but when he found it, he fell in love with it. His own world ceased to exist nearly 100 years ago. Those of his species have lived aboard a space station of sorts ever since, exploring the galaxy for a new home. There was somewhat of a debate whether or not Earth was a good place to settle down. Those against the idea argued that living in disguise from those around you wasn’t living at all. Those for the idea stated that it wasn’t much of a compromise to finally have some stability in their lives. After taking a vote, the decision was made to leave Earth and seek out better options. Eldiron was tired of searching and knew this was his home. He opted to stay behind, the only of his species on Earth, and start a new life.

05-31-16_8-00-13 PM

Eldiron found the perfect lot to start his journey on. After having spent his entire life moving, in search of a place to call home, he vowed, neither he, nor his descendants would ever leave this lot. Here they would find stability, family, love, and be given the opportunities to become successful in this world.

05-31-16_8-04-51 PM

Buying the Knight of the Octogon table – Leaving UI capture on so you can follow the money situation.

First thing was first, Eldiron could not very well traverse this world in his true form. The people of Earth were mostly unaware of the existence of others in the universe. He chose a form he assumed female humans would find endearing. He didn’t intend to keep his secret from his future family. How could he? He wanted to create a legacy, and that meant having children. Eventually the woman he fell for would find out he wasn’t from this world. In the meantime, however, playing it safe was necessary.

05-31-16_8-22-05 PM

This disguise will do nicely, I think.

05-31-16_8-22-35 PM

Here are the outfits Eldiron will wear while in disguise:

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Eldiron is sure that he can make this work. He’s excited to begin. He’s always been family oriented, which he believes will aid him in realizing his dreams. He aspires to carry on a successful lineage. He believes he’ll fit in better here than he did aboard the space station, as well. The others of his species referred to him as “insane”, but at least he was never lonely. Anything in sight could carry on a conversation, including himself. He will miss Closet the most… it always told the BEST jokes! Now it was time to focus on making new friends that would assist with his basic needs:

05-31-16_8-29-16 PM05-31-16_8-29-45 PM

These were humble beginnings, but he didn’t wish to spend all he had right away. He figured it would be beneficial to always have a little cash on hand, and he had all the basics taken care of.

Eldiron decided he needed to find a quick way to increase his current funds. He decided to try his hand at fishing. He’d never done it before, but the space station had long since intercepted television broadcasts from Earth, so he’d seen it done. It didn’t look that hard.

05-31-16_8-30-48 PM

Unfortunately, the fish here seemed quite crafty. He wasn’t sure if this was a common problem for the unskilled, but decided that after some time with no luck, he’d try another method for now. That’s when he noticed a few rocks, bushes, and trees bordering his lot. He decided to harvest and find as many sell-able items as possible. These were humble beginnings, indeed, but his future family would appreciate all his hard work.

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He made another go at fishing in another area, as well…

05-31-16_8-34-43 PM

It, once again, did not end well for him. Those crafty little fish! We’ll catch you one day! Eventually, Eldiron grew tired of his busy work. He decided it’d be beneficial to head to a public area nearby and get to meet some the people he’d be sharing this potential-filled town with.

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There were quite a few potential matches for Eldiron here. He wondered if his future spouse and co-founder of the legacy he had so dreamed of might be standing nearby. The idea of it thrilled him. Who could she be? When would he meet her?

The first potential match we met was a lovely woman named Christina. She was beautiful and friendly, but she was also married. Eldiron had no intention of interfering in the familial relations of others settled in this world. He didn’t like the idea of forming a family legacy that began with tearing down another established family. That wasn’t fair to himself or to those around him.

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He met another woman named Traci. She seemed pleasant as well, however, she was also married. Prospects here were looking slim, so Eldiron joined several Sims for dinner at a pair of picnic tables, and had a quick chat with himself, before heading to a different public lot to try again.

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It was getting late, so a lounge seemed like a good place to meet new Sims. Eldiron walked in, head held high, family on his mind. Here he met Tiffani, Jade, Maaike, and Ulrike. Tiffani was married, but the other three women were single. Ulrike caught Eldiron’s eye more than any of the other women he’d met thus far.

There was something different about her. He was drawn to her. They clicked right away, and things started moving in a very promising direction:

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Eldiron and Ulrike made fast friends, and Eldiron learned that she was an art lover and a painter. There was a promising future on the horizon. Exhausted, but feeling like he had a very productive first day, Eldiron headed home and fell into bed.

05-31-16_8-57-47 PM

Dreaming of unicorns…

Good night, Eldiron.

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