Legacy Challenge #2 – The Busy Work

Good morning, Eldiron! Oof! You are not in a good mood.

05-31-16_9-02-08 PM

Eldiron did not wake up in a very good mood, so we set right about fixing that situation.

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After having a salad and a nice chat with his good friend, Mr. Fridge… Eldiron was still uncomfortable. It wasn’t even a very good salad, to be honest. But HEY! We added an outdoor trashcan. (Wouldn’t any trashcan be an outdoor trashcan at this point?) Moving on. Eldiron decided to head to the library to find a job. It was time to start working towards something more than the life of a collector.

At the library, he met a couple more women, one of which was married, and the other didn’t seem to have any interest in carrying on a conversation with him. He decided to focus on the reason he came to the library in the first place. Find a job!

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Money on his mind, Eldiron took the highest paying job he could find, and became a Live Chat Support Agent with Rainy Day Entertainment. His first daily task was to play video games, and since he was already at the library…

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After heading home, Eldiron took care of his needs, and spent some time scrounging around for more things he could sell. He told himself this was a temporary money solution, but it had to be done. He also harvested a few plants with the intention of re-planting and growing his own. It would be a little easier than running around town searching for them.

At some point, while collecting, he became angry. His exact reasoning was, “Flarn – Blursh! Meshaloob! Blursh!” He didn’t let his anger stop him from planting some of those harvestables he found. Taking an angry poop afterwards seemed to help a bit. I know taking an angry poop tends to help me when I’m angry.

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Eldiron had managed to scrape together a little bit of money from his scrounging, so he decided to start working on an actual structure to live inside. He wasn’t able to afford much, but the wall he constructed gave him at least a little privacy from passers-by.

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The sleep situation is definitely more comfortable than it was last night. That’s something.

The following morning, Eldiron started his first day at his new job! Yay! He was very excited to feel like he was really moving toward his dreams. He gave it his all and worked very hard. Of course this made him extremely tense when he was finished, but he told himself a story and that… did nothing. It didn’t work. He didn’t tell very good stories.

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The rest of the evening was fairly uneventful. He watered his plants, went to the library to fulfill his job requirement of playing video games, then headed back home and straight to bed. He figured he’d have more than a few nights like this before he really got to a place of contention.

The following morning, Eldiron woke up early enough to harvest nearby items before heading into work. He put in the normal amount of effort today, and that was fine because he was promoted to Quality Assurance! He was quite happy and the bonus that came with the promotion allowed him to enclose his living space completely and make it look more like a proper home. He was even able to upgrade his bed to a slightly more comfortable one. Things were looking up.

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Eldiron wasn’t ready to slack off just yet. Things were really rolling along, so he wanted to get straight on his new promotion tasks. He was to gain a level 2 programming certification and get his usual gameplay in. He headed to the library and got to work.

He was able to push through and finished his programming requirements around 10:30pm. He then went straight home and crashed. He didn’t expect a promotion or even much performance gain the following work day, as he hadn’t had time to play any video games the night before. When he got home, he knew he needed to head back to the library, but figured maybe he could get more than one thing going at a time, and invited Ulrike as well.

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Eventually, Ulrike got bored of the setting and laid down on a nearby bench. Eldiron finished up his gaming requirement and immediately sat with her to chat and spend some time together. She’s so patient to hang out with him while he’s gaming at the library.

After about an hour of chatting, Eldiron learned that Ulrike is a creative perfectionist. He really needed to head home, as it was after midnight at this point, but he was happy from having made such a deep connection.

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Heading off to bed, Eldiron smiled as he recalled his evening.

05-31-16_10-02-28 PM

Sleep tight, dear Eldiron. We’ll see you in the morning.

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